Norwalk Resident Pass Verification

2023 resident passes are now available

Disposal Pass

The Norwalk Common Council, effective April 14, 2020, created separate passes for use at the Norwalk Transfer Station & Yard Waste Site (Disposal Pass) and for use at the City Parks, Beaches & Properties (Parks Parking Pass).

The Disposal Pass is free to Norwalk Residents and/or real property owners that pay the vehicle tax to Norwalk.

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Disposal Pass Verification
Parks Parking Pass

We only receive your records from the DMV once a year in September, therefore; if your car was registered to Norwalk before September, you should be able to verify and print your pass online.

Your car needs to be registered to Norwalk to obtain a free Beach & Parks Pass. The parks parking pass needs to be displayed on your dash when parking at Marvin School

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Parks Parking Pass Verification

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