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A Livable City

In June 2023, the City of Norwalk was recognized by CT Insider, Fortune Magazine and as a top city to live in.

  • Fortune Magazine ranked the City of Norwalk as the best place for families to live within CT and 29th in the nation.
  • named the City of Norwalk as one of the best cities in the nation to live in on their top 100 list of cities.
  • CT Insider ranked the City of Norwalk as number one for quality of life among 25 of the most populous cities in the state.

To provide a high quality of life for Norwalk residents, we offer a range of services and amenities, including:

  • Recreation Programs: Norwalk offers plenty of recreation programs for all ages.
  • Customer and Community Service Programs: The City offers programs to help all residents in need enhance their quality of life through its Community Resource Hub and our Customer Service team responding to resident's inquiries. It also focuses on helping our youth succeed through the Summer Youth Employment Program.
  • Libraries: Our libraries provide vital information and cultural resources.
  • Keeping our Neighborhoods Beautiful: To revitalize and beautify our neighborhoods, the City addresses blighted properties, zoning compliance inquiries, and sweeps our streets.

Recreation & Parks Program Breakdowns

The City of Norwalk's Recreation and Parks Department has surveyed our residents to gauge their preferences and needs for recreational programs to ensure our programs offer a broad range of options that meet the needs of our population, including individuals of all genders, races, ethnicities, abilities and age groups. Consequently, our programs encompass a diverse range of sports, such as youth and adult basketball, football, softball, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, lacrosse, and swimming. Additionally, we organize fun runs, food and cultural festivals, and various adult programs, including dance, exercise, yoga, pickleball, and tennis.

In August 2023, the City introduced its new online registration system for Recreation and Parks, powered by ActiveNet, a user-friendly platform. This system allows participants to register for recreational programs in both English and Spanish. To get started, individuals can create their accounts by visiting our Online Program Registration portal.

Responses to Customer Service Center Inquiries

The general responsibility of the Customer Service Department is to serve as the primary point of contact between city government and constituents. They handle inquiries, complaints, and service requests from residents, businesses, and visitors, ensuring timely and accurate responses. By providing exceptional customer service over the phone, in person and via email, the Department contributes to building trust, fostering positive community relationships, and enhancing overall satisfaction with city services.

Community Resource Hub

The Community Resource Hub was created in 2022 and transpired at the onset of the pandemic following the launch of the City's Family Navigation Program, which identified new needs among children and families throughout the community. The Community Resource Hub, housed in the City's Community Services Department, aims to connect community providers directly with residents' needs. Some of the support services include accessing a food pantry, clothing, employment resources and health-related support, including mental health resources.

The City of Norwalk's Community Resource Hub helps Norwalk residents in need identify, understand, and navigate available support services and resources. To access our Community Resource Hub, please visit.

To learn more, you can contact our office at:

Telephone: 203-854-7999

If you're in need of access to our Community Resource Hub, please fill out the following form in the language you prefer:

Summer Youth Employment Program

The Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program prepares youth, ages 14-18, for jobs via pre-employment workshops and matches them with employment opportunities where they can explore a profession, learn a skill, understand how to navigate a business environment, contribute to the community, and earn money. Before youth are assigned to an employer, they spend time in intensive workshops learning appropriate business behavior and dress code and employer expectations. They also participate in financial literacy workshops so that they learn to manage the money they earn. 

Note: There was no Summer Youth Employment Program in the Summer of 2020 due to Covid-19.

Learn more about the MAYOR'S Summer Youth Employment Program.

Library Events and Programs

Our Library Events and Programs cater to a wide range of interests, offering opportunities for learning, creativity, and community engagement. Whether you're seeking literary discussions, hands-on workshops, or cultural events, our libraries provide a welcoming space for individuals of all ages to explore, grow, and connect with their community.

The graph includes programs for children and adults that are sponsored by the Main Library and SoNo Branch Library. It does not include meeting room bookings and events hosted at the libraries by outside groups.

Library Book/Video Check-out

Tracking library books and videos being checked-out, whether through physical or digital means, is essential for efficient library management. It helps our librarians maintain accurate records of borrowed items to ensure proper inventory management and avoid potential losses or misplacement of library materials. Monitoring check-outs also enables libraries to analyze user preferences and popular materials, aiding in collection development and resource allocation decisions. Finally, digital check-out data provides valuable insights into the demand for e-books, audiobooks, and other digital resources, allowing libraries to continue to evolve their materials based on the needs of their patrons in an increasingly digital age.

Library Public Computer Usage

Library public computers provide valuable access to digital resources and online information for individuals who may not have personal computers or internet access at home. These public computers allow patrons to conduct research, access educational materials, and seek job opportunities online, promoting digital literacy and inclusion. Libraries play a crucial role in bridging the digital divide and ensuring that all members of the community have equal opportunities to explore the digital world.

Note: Index measured by hours of usage.

Library Wi-Fi Usage

Library Wi-Fi allows patrons to have convenient and flexible access to online resources, including e-books, research databases, educational materials, and other digital content. It enhances the overall user experience, enabling individuals to work, study, or browse the internet in a comfortable, resource-rich environment. Providing Wi-Fi attracts more visitors and increases foot traffic of our libraries. It promotes digital literacy and equity and the use of digital library resources, helping individuals adapt to the changing needs of modern technology. Offering free Wi-Fi helps libraries position themselves as community hubs, fostering engagement and interaction among patrons.

Note: This chart reflects current year-to-date data.

Library Assistance to Non-English Speakers

Library assistance to non-English speakers reflects the core values of accessibility, equality, and community engagement, making libraries more valuable and indispensable resources for all members of the community. By offering language assistance, libraries become more welcoming and valuable resources that break down barriers and strengthen connections within diverse communities.

By providing support to non-English speakers, the City of Norwalk empowers individuals to become more self-reliant and confident in seeking information and resources. It also demonstrates empathy and understanding towards patrons with diverse linguistic needs.

Note: Index measured by the number of patrons.

Number of Blight Violations Addressed

Cleaning up blight violations is crucial for the City as it helps maintain a safe and healthy living environment for residents. It demonstrates the City's commitment to enforcing regulations and creating a sense of accountability among property owners and fostering a stronger sense of pride and cohesion among residents. By addressing blight violations, the City continues to improve the overall appearance of neighborhoods, boosting property values and attracting potential homebuyers and investors. Tackling blight violations also contributes to economic revitalization, encouraging business growth and job opportunities within the community.

Zoning Compliance Inquiries and Zoning Violations

The Planning and Zoning staff review each complaint submitted to their department. Complaints that are potential violations of the Zoning regulations are investigated and when confirmed, Notice of Violations are sent and further enforcement action is pursued.

Miles of Street Sweeping

Street sweeping keeps streets clean and attractive. It protects the environment by preventing pollutants from entering waterways, enhances safety by reducing hazards, prolongs the lifespan of infrastructure, enhances community health through improved air quality, and contributes to the overall beautification of a community.

The Public Works Operations Division staff members clean the streets daily from March through November (weather permitting). The program is designed to remove the heavy accumulation of salt, debris, and litter that has collected over the winter months and to help keep Norwalk’s 625 lane miles of streets clean.

For more street sweeping information: Street Sweeping | Norwalk, CT - Official Website (

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