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Enhancing Parks and Green Spaces

The City focuses on:

  • Encouraging Community Involvement at Parks and Green Spaces: We invite local residents to participate in summer camps, kayak rack rental opportunities, field use permits, event permits for parks and more! Encouraging community involvement at parks and green spaces can help build community and increase our residents' quality of life.
  • Enhancing Green Spaces: Norwalk enhances existing parks and green spaces by making improvements, such as maintaining cleanliness and adding new amenities like playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports facilities. We also focus on improving infrastructure, such as lighting, and seating to make parks more accessible and enjoyable for visitors.

Summer Camps

There are currently four summer camps, each divided into three sections. The camps are held and supervised by Norwalk Recreation staff. The camps range in ages from three to fourteen. The age groups include Pre-School, Pre-kindergarten, Lower Camp (1st-5th grade), and Upper Camp (6th-9th grade). 

Note: There was no summer camp available in 2020 due to Covid.

The numbers on the graph represent the amount of campers that attended each year.

Number of Kayak Rack Rentals (By Season)

The City of Norwalk Recreation and Parks Department provides kayak racks for residents to rent and store their kayaks at both Calf Pasture and Shady Beach from April 1st – November 1st.

For more information, please visit Calf Pasture and Shady Beach | Norwalk, CT - Official Website (

Number of Field Use Permits

The City of Norwalk's Park and Recreation Department issues field use permits to individuals, teams, and organizations looking to utilize our parks and recreational facilities. These permits are essential for scheduling and coordinating various activities such as sports games, tournaments, picnics, and special events within the City's parks. The permitting process typically involves specifying the date, time, location, and any additional requirements or fees associated with the requested field use, ensuring the efficient and responsible use of these public spaces.

Number of Event Permits at Parks

The City of Norwalk provides indoor and outdoor facilities for rent. Residents and businesses can rent outdoor parks and pavilions. They can also rent large indoor spaces in the Cranbury Bunkhouse, Gallaher Mansion, and Fodor Farm Barn for events, such as birthday parties, corporate functions, weddings, baby showers, and celebrations. Parks can also be rented for larger-scale events such as organized walks, races, fundraisers, festivals, marine shows and more.

Number of Acres Mowed

Our Parks maintenance and facilities staff are responsible for mowing and edging approximately 1,100 acres of park land. The 1,100 acres account for twenty neighborhood/pocket parks, nine community parks, two regional parks, eighteen school parks and our two beaches, where there is also natural turf. The City mows these spaces to maintain aesthetics and ensure public safety. Regular mowing helps control overgrowth, reduce fire hazards, and create pleasant recreational areas for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Park Garbage Collection by Tons

Our Park maintenance and facilities maintain garbage collection to ensure the cleanliness and aesthetics of the City's recreational spaces for residents and visitors. Additionally, effective garbage collection in parks is essential for environmental conservation, as it helps prevent litter and pollution and preserves the natural beauty and ecological health of these valuable public assets.

Garbage is collected at all fifty park sites, two beaches, and the basketball, football, softball, soccer, volleyball, and swimming headquarters. 

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